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Vacation Homes, Etc.

Vacation Home Caretakers

Vacation Rentals

Entrepreneur Vacation Homes, Etc. offers the CARETAKING and RENTAL OVERSIGHT of luxury vacation homes in the Reno/Tahoe Region. We provide personalized, bespoke service to the most discerning clients. 


Entrepreneur Vacation Homes, Etc. (EVH) offers detailed, home caretaker services and is committed to the development of a personalized plan focused on your property's specific needs. Under our oversight, your home will stay in top-notch, working order. 

Your vacation home will be looked after with: 

  • Our unique monitoring system 

  • Weekly checklist walkthroughs, interior and exterior

  • Regular and deep cleaning oversight

  • Seasonal, or as you like window cleaning

  • Noting and handling potential problems before they become disasters

  • Routine maintenance oversight

  • Guarding against unwanted visitors

  • Emergency management

  • Being there for a delivery or installation

  • Project oversight

  • Winterization

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Other needs? Just ask. 


You can rest assured your home is in good hands while you’re away from the Reno/Tahoe Region and that it will be ready and welcoming for your arrival.

It is our goal that your time in the Reno/Tahoe Region is pure relaxation, free from the responsibilities of daily property upkeep. 


At EVH, we aim to make vacation home ownership a...vacation!


For some vacation homeowners, the short-term rental market is a great opportunity. With the fastest growing segment of the travel industry being vacation rentals and the Reno/Tahoe Region a favorite destination, you are in the sweet spot of this dynamic industry. 

Are you maximizing your investment as a vacation homeowner? Many times, the cost of your home can be offset and money generated by renting it when you aren't on site. But, it’s important to do it right. Rental property management requires constant care and diligence. Rental home vacationers have high standards. As a result, although there is usage wear and tear, your property will be kept in peak condition. On the flip side, there are pitfalls that need to be addressed. We are experts at avoiding or overcoming these situations.

As your representative, we will, first of all, be diligent caretakers of your home, keeping it well maintained. Then, when you aren’t enjoying your property, we will market your home on specific sights utilizing focused, proven methods to ensure the best exposure and asking price. Our goal is to give you the highest return on investment possible.

Potential guests will be vetted, then EVH will work with those guests from initial contact through the process to give them the best vacation experience possible. After the guests leave, we oversee the cleanup and restocking of essentials and make sure your home is ready for your visit or the next guest. 

We stay engaged with the constantly changing vacation home climate; with marketing, pricing, and local regulations and standards. You can rest assured your home will be well represented. 


Not sure? We can help you determine if offering your home as a vacation rental is the best move for you.


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Sigua Property Management

Jacqueline Horney

Property Manager