Do you need a caretaker for your vacation home? Maybe you aren’t sure. Contact us to schedule a complementary meeting to discuss our services and see if we are the right fit for you. 

We are a boutique agency with a select portfolio. Because of our deep commitment to the oversight of each property, there needs to be a positive connection with each of our clients. Our passion is to provide the best possible quality service. If we do not feel we can meet your need, we will help guide you to another company that may be a better fit. 


Once we have established compatibility, we will view your property and assess its condition and required level of oversight.  We want to have a clear understanding of your concerns, requirements, and personal preferences. Then we will craft a detailed strategy tailored to you and your property. Our customized rate structure ensures our services are just what you want with no surprises.


It’s as easy as that. Once services and fees are agreed upon, we will step into the role of caretaker at a determined date. 

What services can you expect?

  • Weekly checklist walkthroughs, interior and exterior

  • Our unique monitoring system, which will let us know immediately 24/7 of any concerns 

  • Noting and handling potential problems before they become disasters

  • Guarding against unwanted visitors

  • Emergency management

  • Home pre-arrival and post-departure walkthroughs


We also schedule and oversee

  • Regular and deep cleanings 

  • Routine maintenance and repairs

  • Grounds maintenance

  • Seasonal, or as you like, window cleaning 

  • Spa and pool maintenance

  • Winterization

  • Snow removal

  • Vehicle maintenance and seasonal care


As your caretakers we are available for

  • Deliveries and installations

  • Project oversight

  • Pantry and fridge stocking for your arrival

  • Airport services

  • Whatever you need, just ask


In all categories, we will be your representative, making sure all completed work meets or exceeds your expectations. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Which service providers do you use? 

EVH has a network of bonded and insured service providers. Exactly which provider we use depends largely on the homeowner’s specific need and the property location. We will provide the right person for the job. 

If I have a service provider that I prefer, can you work with them? 

Absolutely. We play well with others. We may already be working with them, and if not, we are glad to build new relationships with quality contractors. 

I would like to have items delivered to the house while I am away. Are you available to receive them?

Yes. We can meet the delivery service at your property, or you are welcome to ship items to our office, and we will ensure deliver to the home. 

Can you help with the maintenance of my vehicle? 

Of course. If you keep a vehicle at your property, we’ll make sure it is fueled/charged, detailed, serviced, and ready for you. We can even have it waiting at the airport for your arrival! 

Can you prepare my home when I have friends or guests? 

If you like. We know that you want your guests to feel welcome and at home, so we’re here to roll out the red carpet even when you’re away. Whether you need someone to simply open the house or you want to welcome your guests with fresh flowers, a full set of bath amenities, and all the special touches, we will make it happen. 

What if I have other needs?

Let’s talk. If we can take care of that need with the high level of service you will come to expect from us, then yes.