• Jacque

A Bit of Grace

It's a unique proposition, this vacation rental by owner. there is so much trust involved, especially for the brave souls who have strangers into their homes to rent a room. That's just wild. But even allowing people into a vacation requires a bit of grace. That trust that their fellow man won't take advantage of them. Won't take things that aren't theirs and won't damage things. When you consider how big of investment a home is, that is really a lot of trust.

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out the best. I've seen it with so many owners...someone damages something, things go missing, demands are made with no respect for the person that trusted...struggle and there's a little breaking of the heart and that bit of grace gets dulled. Even in the short time we've been doing this we had someone request a stay--and try to scam us. I'm glad it came up with us and not someone without our resources. We recognized it immediately for what it was and reported it to the platform. Hopefully, the individuals will be stopped.

Still, there's a bit of grace required for all of us who keep opening our doors. We expect that the next person coming to stay will be a good soul. We expect the best out of our fellow man. And isn't that the way it should be? So many times life tries to shake us into letting go of that grace, that trust. It's not worth the price. Also, for those who would take advantage, I say to you that it is not worth the part of your soul that gets lost every time you hurt others.

So to those brave individuals who open their homes I say, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Do your homework on your potential guests, take precautions, but then continue to operate with that bit of grace.

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