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I Love being the Good Guy!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

One of the many things I enjoy about short term rental property management is the positive impact on our clients, the home owners. It's fun to be the good guy!

Last week I met with a client who was back home for the first time since we began managing their home. As we walked around his (sparkling clean) home we discussed some of the guests and the things they enjoyed while staying at the home. Suddenly, my client got a pained look on his face and said, "I only wish I had done this earlier! When I think about all the time my house sat empty...when it could have been making me money!" I gotta say, that's the kind of reaction I like!

For some clients we take care of a property that is vacant. Maybe they recently moved or ended up with a family home and didn't want to let go of the home. In other instances, it is an investment. We are a perfect solution! We keep the home in tip top shape and position it to bring in the best possible return. We handle booking and hosting guests, cleaning, maintenance, whatever is needed. No stress or strain for the client, just money in the bank!

Then there's the vacation home where the owners spend limited time at the property. Although, honestly, this situation is a bit more tricky for us because we have to work around the owner's calendar, I really enjoy these homes. Cuz I really, really get to be the good guy.

Now, if we aren't taking care of it, it just sits and sucks up money. Then, when the owner gets to their's not a vacation! It's dusty. The fridge is funky and empty. Repairs need attending to. The list goes on. And that isn't exploring what can happen while a house sits empty---ohhh the stories I've heard!

So, we get ahold of it. What then?

First thing, we go over the home, top to bottom, then discuss with the owners what to do with the items they don't want to make public and figure out solutions. Maybe it's a lock on the office door or the garage door. Maybe it's a locked closet that acts as storage for all the special things they don't want house guests to have access to. We are good at finding solutions.

Then, we make sure repairs are attended to. (In one of our homes we recently took on we discovered something that could have led to the loss of the home and quite possibly life. Let's face it, with a vacation home, maintenance is not the first thing you think of...but it is for us!) Then we clean the home until it shines like a new penny. After that we do all the things that make the home really stand out on the vacation rental platforms so that we can make that home a money maker for our client. We handle all the details, all the client needs to do is be happy and enjoy their extra income. In many cases, that extra income aids their wandering lifestyle. (Can you say, "Visit all the national parks in an RV" or "Let's spend the winter in Florida...and the summer in Alaska...and the fall and spring spoiling our grandkids and driving our children crazy"? It's a good life!)

Finally, and this is where it gets really fun, we stage the home when the owners visit their vacation home. Their belongings are out and accessible, the house is clean, fresh, the lights are on, we'll even stock the fridge and have supper in the oven if they's a vacation! Nothing to do but enjoy.

See, I'm the good guy! I love being the good guy!

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