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In the Beginning...

A long, long...long, long, long time ago there was a woman in a hut who, with a big sigh, said to her husband, "I need a break." Thus began vacations!

Vacation homes started a bit later on. You needed to have a bunch of money or know someone with a bunch of money. "I say, old chap, mind if the Missus and I and our eight little tikes stay at your sea-side castle for a few months?"

In the 90's, when I first started looking for a place to play with family and friends, my interest was piqued by a bunch of photos in the window of a real estate office. They had the skinny on who was willing to let out their vacation homes for a weekend. Good times. Then came the internet and things started to open up! Honestly, I might have rented that first VRBO condo in Breckenridge. The timing is right. Kinda cool, eh?

As things have progressed other companies have gotten involved. Airbnb started with a few room mates trying to make rent. (In San Fransisco--I bet it was hard to make the rent!) They advertised three air mattresses available during a busy weekend and voila, rent was made and, eventually, a new business was born.

That's how it started out. Pretty basic, I'd say. If you had an extra room, an air mattress, a could host a guest and they would be happy. That was in 2010 when Airbnb just started to take off.

Things have changed! Guests have become more demanding and the competition is stiff! Thread count, fluffy towels, and excellent shampoos are all expected. For those hosts who started out wanting to make a bit of extra cash, it has become a job. A big job. But, for us here at Entrepreneur Vacation Homes, etc. it is right up our ally. Even for those hosts that are already up and running a successful rental, we are a great solution. Want your place to generate an income that will pay our fees but still give you the income you've come to expect and quite possibly more? Want your home taken care of by professionals? Want your life back?

Give us a call!

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