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Life is Messy

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Life is messy. I've seen it more and more over the years, and you know what? I like it! I don't want to live in a box that was set in place years ago. As it is, I've been surprised as hell by the twists and turns life has taken. I never thought I'd marry or, God forbid, have kids. Not growing up in happy surroundings insured I didn't want to repeat history. Still, I did get married and had two wonderful children and was supplied with endless, priceless hugs. They've grown up now and moved away--far, far away--and we still love each other.

I've done so many jobs I never imagined I'd do--outdoor guide, teaching rock climbing (I'm afraid of heights), raft guide (really?), overseen a multi-million dollar guest ranch (who, me?), proofreader, ghostwriter, and author (bahaha, who knew!), house builder (yes, my husband and I built our log home...I lay some mean tile), and now? Now I'm starting something that I am actually perfect for.

All my weird jobs and hobbies over the years makes me the perfect fit for managing short term rentals...well, along with my friend of 30 years, Paula. She is a genuine logistical whiz. The two of us make up a team that is in the position of being able to really help people. That's what drew us to this concept. Helping people make money, free up time, and care for their home as a job. It's a win, win, win situation!

And we can't wait to get started.

Maybe messy isn't the right word. Life is exciting!

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