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The Red-Headed Stepchild

Who knew that I would become the red-headed stepchild! Wait, I don't know if you're familiar with that I do not have anything against red hair (in fact, I always secretly wanted red hair--shiny) means that you don't quite fit it and aren't exactly welcome.

When I started diving into short term property management it was like, "Huzzah, I have found my happy place. I get to take care of my clients and their homes, I get to spoil guests, this is the best. thing. ever!!" And trust me, it is.

I needed to get a real estate license and a property manager permit. No problem, cuz this needs to be done right. But then I noticed that within the avalanche of information I ingested getting my real estate license there was not a whisper about short term rentals. What?

So me being me, I asked a couple of the real estate commissioners (ok, maybe I ambushed them at lunch) what gives. Why is there nothing about short term rentals in the books? That is when I discovered my stepchild status. They have dealt with this wonderful opportunity by ignoring it. Maybe it will go away. In a way, I can't blame them. Both of them are from Las Vegas. Vegas--the land of hotels and casinos. In Las Vegas, short term rentals have been banned in the city proper---because of the hotel/casino industry. Really?

If the peoples wants the short term rentals, it is best to give dem the short term rentals!

"It's too new." It's not in our lane." "We don't want to step on the hotel industry's toes." (As I scratch my head and think about how the hotel industry jumped into the health industry with both feet via assisted living facilities.)

"Why don't you work with someone who is determined to make this work and do it right?" I asked.

"Trust us, no broker will touch you with a ten foot pole." they announced as they shook their heads.

So I am now associated with the best, most innovative broker in Reno. We are excited to make inroads into this brand new aspect of real estate. We know that our challenge is to make short term rentals as loved as they are demanded. And you know what? I'm rocking the red!

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