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Times they are a changing

Not that long ago the way people received information about the goings on was via newspaper. Heck, even Superman was a reporter! But now? Not so much. For better or worse, most of us get our information via the internet. There are still newspapers, but they are no longer the force they once were. Today, Clark Kent might well sell add space on Google.

Times have changed! I remember when the idea of ordering anything online was almost unthinkable (ok, I remember when "online" was unthinkable--don't judge). Now...let's just say I keep the UPS guy busy.

Taxi's vs Uber

Walmart vs Amazon

Hotels vs AirBNB or VRBO


Before AirBNB was a thing I hunted down vacation rentals when my family and friends went on adventures. Way back then (20 or 30 years ago, again don't judge), it was a challenge finding a rental. It involved contacting local real estate agents and seeing if they had any properties that were available for short term. And it was all blind---no idea what we were getting into until we walked in the door. But it was worth the work. It was awesome to have a home base to enjoy together. Sometimes it was an early breakfast before the guys went hiking, Other times it was evening beers and stories of the day. Having kids, it was ideal because they had their own space too. For the most part, the places we stayed were beautiful. Whew!

Now, well it is awesome! My family just traveled around Scotland to celebrate my husband's...well, one of his birthdays. The kids and I spent hours looking at the different homes for rent, where they were located, and the amenities. We ended up staying in an apartment in Edinburgh, an abby by Loch Ness, and a farmhouse by Isle of Skye. It was amazing! We hung out and enjoyed our family time in a home...away from home. But the last night we stayed in a hotel by the airport since we had an early flight...and eh. Trying to hang out was a pain and really brought home the greatness of the way we had traveled.

Is the hotel industry a newspaper, so to speak? Yes and no. There are times that a hotel is just what is needed. But now with being able to communicate via internet--staying in a unique place anywhere in the world is possible. Why wouldn't a vacation home be top choice?

Millennials know this. They are a generation of travelers. As my daughter says, "We'd rather live on a shoestring and travel the world than stay home with a few extra dollars in the bank." And millennials love short term rentals. It is easier to travel from home to home than hotel to hotel--so much less exhausting and it gives the opportunity to live like a local. How cool is that?

That is why Paula and I are so excited about Entrepreneur Vacation Homes, etc. So many of my best memories revolve around the perfect place for family and friends to gather. We want to help property owners present their homes in the best possible way so that they benefit, while presenting the absolute best guest experience. It is truly a unique opportunity to present a win-win-win service.

Are you ready to let us help you?

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