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Why are Short-Term Rentals the Big Thing?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Good question!

Why are short-term rentals the big thing these days? In one word? ACCESS!

Let me explain...

First of all, let's take a look at what staying in a short-term rental allows. In a few years my family is planning a trip to Italy (huzzah!). We will absolutely stay in short-term rentals. There is no question. Number one reason is the ACCESS we have to one another. We are going to a foreign land as a family because we want to experience it as a family. In Scotland we stayed at vacation rentals and the family time included enjoying the baby, feasting on local cheeses, breads, whiskey and crisps, playing games, hanging out, cooking, telling stories, putting the world's hardest puzzle together and laughing. See, ACCESS.

Then, there's the ACCESS to the culture. Looking at places in Italy, we are going to choose a place that allows us to experience Tuscany and then later the coast. I want a home with a big, Italian kitchen where I can make big Italian meals for my big American family. I want to walk outside and experience Italian life. I don't think a hotel could offer such an experience, do you?

The last point I'll make here is ACCESS to the homes. Twenty years ago there was no such thing as Airbnb or VRBO or...but now! Wow!! I'm now looking at homes for our trip in a couple years cuz it's fun! I don't know, maybe I'm easily entertained, but I love picturing my family in the spaces pictured. Finding just the right picture in just the right location...we have ACCESS via the internet to find the perfect vacation spot.

That's what we want to do for people. We are looking for properties where guests can dream of visiting. We will help our clients find their market and then target those guests with beautiful staging and pictures. Our followthrough when the guests arrive will blow their minds. After all, some of my best memories over they years have been at short-term rentals. I know what makes a stay special!

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